Charlotte Convention Center Case Study

    Charlotte Convention Center Case Study

    Charlotte Convention Center

    Charlotte Convention Center and the NASCAR Hall of Fame chose Two Way Radio of Carolina to provide a Motorola multi-site digital trunking system to accommodate their high volume emergency and operations communications. Conveniently located in Uptown Charlotte, the Charlotte Convention Center is the city's premier meeting and convention space. The 550,000 square foot (soon to be over 625,000 square foot) is connected to the NASCAR Hall of Fame via an overstreet walkway all with a full-service, in-house food and beverage department, visitor info services, UPS store, Security team, in-house audio visual provider with complete inventory of equipment and professional technicians all needing to communicate.

    Motorola's Mototrbo Connect Plus digital radio solution was chosen to provide the integrated voice and data communications throughout both facilities.

    Command and Control - Safety and Security - Coverage and Capacity

    Managing a vast area while ensuring the absolute best guest experience requires expert coordination and with large crowds flocking to its events, the Charlotte Convention Center has to safeguard visitors. With the ever-changing news events, such as the protest that happened in 2016, Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) wanted to ensure that their communications system was ready for every event - fun or safety-related.

    The Charlotte Convention Center and NASCAR Hall of Fame's Maintenance teams were always separate but combined shortly before the decision was made to upgrade their communications. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is connected to the Charlotte Convention Center by an overstreet walkway and was experiencing static and missed calls when trying to communicate from one facility to the other.

    By deploying the new digital communications system which increases coverage by up to 20%, the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Charlotte Convention Center were able to respond from one maintenance shop flawlessly with crystal clear communications throughout both venues.

    Charlotte's success in hosting huge events like the 2012 Democratic National Convention, CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference ) Basketball Tournaments and now being awarded the 2020 Republican National Convention require forward thinking and planning. Two Way Radio of Carolina provided exclusive Part 22 FCC interference free frequencies to address the extremely crowded frequency spectrum that exists in the uptown Charlotte area to ensure critical communications are not interrupted by interference.

    Before the digital upgrade, a serious emergency event happened at another venue and communications chaos ensued. This became a serious consideration to the Charlotte Hornets, Charlotte Convention Center, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame to see if there was a solution. Two Way Radio of Carolina included in the solution our Exclusive Carolina Connect system so all of the directors could communicate during an emergency event. They also wanted to connect to our Wide Area System so the response could be coordinated if the department directors were away from the venue. The Directors also have the ability to interrupt communications to take control of a situation and to even transmit an emergency "All Call" to break in across all channels at once to transmit emergency instructions.