Schools should be a place where students can grow and learn. We help schools manage both everyday and critical emergencies with our end-to-end technology platform

    Safe School Solutions

    Explore the technologies that schools need to understand who's on the school grounds, keep an eye on students and ensure staff is always connected and informed.


    We bring together the technologies you need in order to know who's on the school grounds, keep an eye on students and easily connect with students, parents, staff, community members and local law enforcement.



    • MOTOTRBO Two-way Radios - Communicate clearly across campus
    • Radio Alert - Instantly receive video analytics and access control alerts
    • WAVE Push-to-talk Communications - Communicate with two-way radios with Smartphones and Tablets from anywhere.
    • Communicator: Mass Notification - Notify and mobilize critical groups at moments notice
    • ALLY Incident Management & Records - Streamline incident management and records end-to-end.

    Watch the Motorola Safer Schools Video

    Download the “Safe Schools Solution Brief” from Motorola Solutions to learn about our mission-critical ecosystem you need to build a safer school environment.