Take School Safety to the Next Level

    School Transportation


    Transport students safely and improve fleet efficiency with our GPS-enabled radios and Carolina Connect System. Advanced Emergency Features like emergency call buttons, Private Calling, and remote monitoring.  Remote monitoring allows you to listen in when a driver is unable to respond and help instantly when an emergency event occurs. From a fleet-wide emergency weather event to rerouting a bus heading to a school on lock-down, you can instantly contact a single bus or your entire fleet.

    Two Way Radio of Carolina has extensive experience helping school districts with their School Transportation Communications. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools with their massive 1000+ bus fleet, Anson County Schools, and Lexington City Schools are just a few of the bus fleets that we service.

    Today's Digital Radios offer so much more than instant communications. They offer privacy with encrypted transmissions so that your communications while transporting your students are self-contained. They also offer fleet efficiency data features that can check fuel usage, track upkeep, inspect buses, and even inform you if bus doors are left open. Our next generation solutions are designed with safety, accountability and efficiency in mind, so you always stay connected.

    Charged with not only education, but the Safety, Security and Future of America's children - today's School Administration officials are tested at every level to ensure they have anticipated the unthinkable. Two Way Radio of Carolina is here to help you develop a plan to instantly connect to staff and public safety in day-to-day operations and when emergencies occur.

    Today's advanced communications features can instantly communicate when your School Bus Fleet needs to be rerouted because of a weather event or a school lock-down, coordinate with emergency responders during an event, and even enable a Principal or School Administrator to respond from their smartphone and tablets from anywhere so they always have the ability to direct a response in a time of crisis.

    Bad weather, bumper-to-bumper traffic, or extreme emergencies - Mototrbo mobile radios can help you communicate and track buses by simply looking at a map and confidently coordinating an appropriate response.