ICOM F3001/F4001

    The F3001/F4001 Series is easy to use entry level portable with no special training required. The few knobs and buttons are generously sized for easy operation. This simple interface makes it ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is constantly passed from person to person. The radio series is ideal to meet the needs of schools, retail, golf courses, community centers and others with similar basic radio needs.



    Output Power:

    5W (VHF) / 4W (UHF)


    136-174, 400-470 or 450-512MHz

    Waterproof Rating:


    Programmable Keys:


    Hands Free Operation

    The radio has the internal VOX capability for hands-free operation. Optional compatible headset with plug adapter cable OPC-2004 can be used with the radio. Also, the VOX gain and VOX delay time are adjustable.

    Built-in Signaling

    The F3001 series comes all the popular signaling including 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS, DTCS and MDC1200 PTT ID & emergency. The radio’s 2-Tone and 5-Tone signaling gives you selective calling, quiet stand-by and other convenient functions with programming. The radio "stun" function disables a radio over the air and the "revive" function restores the stunned radio.

    Additional Features

    • Priority scan
    • DTMF autodial
    • Low battery alert
    • Talk around function
    • Enhanced emergency
    • Surveillance function
    • 2-step power save
    • Time out timer
    • Lone worker function
    • 3-color LED

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