Statesville Police & Fire

    EF Johnson / JVC Kenwood P25 Public Safety Communications System

    The City of Statesville led the way and was one of the first in our area to implement a Project 25 (P25) System for their Public Safety and First Responders. Since then, many others have followed including the State of North Carolina VIPER system, Charlotte Mecklenburg UASI system, and Rowan County. Project 25 is a suite of standards specifically developed to provide Interoperability between agencies while providing crystal clear digital voice and data communications for our Public Safety and First Responder's communications.

    Brief History...

    It all started in 2006.

    The City of Statesville received a budgetary number by another vendor of over $5.6 million to upgrade their Public Safety communications system.

    Two Way Radio Partners with EF Johnson

    When asked for a competitive quote, Two Way Radio of Carolina partnered with EF Johnson a leading supplier of P25 Systems including many major system for the U.S. Army (Afghanistan & Iraq), the State of Wisconsin, the State of Hawaii, and the Yukon Territory to name just a few.

    In 2010, Statesville deployed their first EF Johnson radios and discovered a design flaw that was traced back to an employee at EF Johnson in the final quality control procedure. EF Johnson responded! They flew engineers to test the findings and then flew in the Vice President of EF Johnson to personally address the solution. Two City of Statesville Employees, Battalion Chief Andy Weatherman (now Fire Chief) and Captain Joe Barone (now Chief of Police -Retired), asked EF Johnson to donate the first P25 system in our area to the City of Statesville. The Vice President of EF Johnson agreed and the City of Statesville had the first Public Safety P25 system in our area for their Public Safety, First Responders, and City Services saving the taxpayers millions.

    Since that time, the system has been upgraded to expand coverage and capacity, and provide in-building communications coverage for Police and Fire Responders in the majority of major manufacturing facilities and schools within the Statesville City limits. Thousands of other EF Johnson Radios have also been deployed in our area for our Emergency Responders, and have more then proven their outstanding longevity, rugged reliability, and superior performance.