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Businesses around the world trust Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO to transform the way they work.Today,from the production line to the power line, MOTOTRBO radios are helping people work more efficiently, productively and safely. MOTOTRBO delivers the game-changing advantages of digital technology – from superb audio to expansive coverage – along with business-essential systems, applications and accessories that unleash the power of the radio. MOTOTRBO puts the right device into the hands of the right user, to empower your workforce and transform your enterprise.

BE SAFER, MORE EFFICIENT AND MORE PRODUCTIVE WITH THE POWERFUL DIGITAL PERFORMANCE AND ADVANCED CAPABILITIES OF MOTOTRBO. Two-way radios are the go-to technology for enterprises around the world – connecting people wherever they need clear, instant and reliable communications. MOTOTRBO offers a portfolio of analog and digital two-way radios that enable voice and data communications. It combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology for instant communicating, easy decision-making and seamless coordinating. MOTOTRBO brings all the benefits of push-to-talk communications in an incredibly powerful tool that takes productivity, efficiency and safety to a whole new level. MOTOTRBO is truly the next generation of business communications.

HEAR AND BE HEARD CLEARLY IN NOISY ENVIRONMENTS Superb audio quality on MOTOTRBO ensures crystal-clear communications. The Intelligent Audio feature automatically adjusts radio volume up and down in response to the level of noise in the workplace. And with MOTOTRBO’s background noise suppression, you can be confident communication is loud and clear.

REACH YOUR WORKFORCE WHEREVER THEY GO Hear calls clearly over a greater range. MOTOTRBO digital voice delivers voice integrity and clarity to the limits of coverage plus twice the capacity of analog radios. Many more workers can use voice and data, without worrying about privacy or interference.

KEEP COMMUNICATING FOR LONGER Because MOTOTRBO radios use much less power in digital mode than analog, batteries last significantly longer on a single charge.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS FOR THE RIGHT USERS Whether you want ultra-light portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth® or industry-leading data applications, MOTOTRBO has the right devices and systems to fit your workforce now, and allow you to evolve as your enterprise grows.

MOVE FROM ANALOG TO DIGITAL WITH EASE Migrate at your own pace, one talk group or department at a time. MOTOTRBO radios operate in analog and digital mode, so you can use them on your existing analog system and move to digital when you’re ready – all while running operations smoothly.

GET ADVANCED CAPABILITIES AND BUSINESS-CRITICAL FEATURES MOTOTRBO has innovative features such as Transmit Interrupt, which lets you prioritize communication the moment it’s needed. Man Down and Lone Worker applications call for help when personnel can’t. GPS location tracking monitors vehicles, assets and the user in real time.

LEVERAGE EXPERT APPLICATIONS THAT GET THE JOB DONE EFFICIENTLY MOTOTRBO fits the way businesses run today, with an expert application developer program that helps you customize your communication solution to your environment and workforce. Solutions range from text messaging and GPS tracking to personnel accountability and work order ticket management. Applications like these make it easier to accomplish multiple tasks on a single device.

KEEP CONNECTED WHEN CONDITIONS ARE TOUGHEST MOTOTRBO is made to last. Our rugged, waterproof and intrinsically safe radios endure a rigorous Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) program which simulates up to 5 years of field use. We design and engineer MOTOTRBO products to survive the harsh conditions of everyday business.

PORTABLE AND MOBILE RADIOS The MOTOTRBO two-way radio portfolio offers you a wide choice of devices, from simple voice-only models to feature-rich voice and data radios. All work together seamlessly to deliver advanced features to enhance your safety, productivity and efficiency. With exceptional voice quality and outstanding usability, MOTOTRBO keeps your workforce connected.

SYSTEMS No matter how large or small your enterprise, MOTOTRBO offers a wide range of systems specifically designed for your business – for the days ahead and the years beyond. You get the best of two-way radio with digital technology and enjoy integrated voice and data communication, increased capacity, enhanced features and exceptional voice quality, across the city and around the globe.

IP SITE CONNECT COST-EFFECTIVE COVERAGE FOR MULTIPLE SITES Use your IP network to extend the voice and data capabilities of MOTOTRBO by linking repeaters together. You can create a continuous network that covers employees at 15 geographically-dispersed locations. You can also link up to 15 repeaters to create wide area coverage or enhance coverage quality at a single site.

CONVENTIONAL BASELINE SINGLE SITE COVERAGE AND CAPACITY A conventional system is a step up from basic radio-to-radio communications. Radios communicate via a high-power repeater, giving better coverage and more centralized control.

CAPACITY PLUS COST-EFFECTIVE COVERAGE AND CAPACITY FOR SINGLE AND MULTIPLE SITES Expand the capacity and extend the coverage of MOTOTRBO with this entry-level digital trunking system. With multi-site Capacity Plus (formerly Linked Capacity Plus) you can connect up to 15 sites, each with up to 8 voice and data repeaters - plus up to 12 dedicated data repeaters.

CAPACITY MAX COVERAGE, CAPACITY AND CONTROL FOR SINGLE AND MULTIPLE SITES The next generation of trunking has arrived. MOTOTRBO Capacity Max blends innovation with Motorola’s extensive real-world experience of trunked radio systems to deliver a scalable communications solution that’s perfect for your business.

CONNECT PLUS EXCEPTIONAL COVERAGE FOR SINGLE AND MULTIPLE SITES Unify your entire enterprise with this scalable digital trunking system. Calls can be queued during busy times until an open channel is available, important users can be assigned priority status and a wireline console can be used for centralized dispatch.

INFRASTRUCTURE Repeaters, controllers and gateways are the backbone of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system. They ensure your radio network is available at all times and that communications are clear, reliable and secure across your enterprise.

CONSOLES & SYSTEM MANAGEMENT With options designed for your business, this portfolio of dispatch consoles and system management applications has the features you need to make quick decisions, mobilize a fleet and keep teams informed.

RADIO ACCESSORIES From discreet Bluetooth earpieces to efficient battery solutions, our complete portfolio of accessories optimizes the performance of your MOTOTRBO radio. They are designed to help you perform your best, wherever you work, and unleash the power of the industry’s most advanced digital radio platform.

EARPIECES Transmit and receive discreetly with a variety of earpieces that feature a streamlined design and rugged cables that withstand tough conditions. With inline push-to-talk and microphones, they’re easy to use on the go. Our flexible array of surveillance kits includes two-wire kits (one wire for receiving, one wire for transmitting) and more discreet three-wire kits (separate wires for transmitting, receiving and push-to-talk).

HEADSETS Protect hearing and facilitate communications in noisy environments. Select from a wide range of comfortable, durable, lightweight to heavy duty headsets with noise-cancelling boom microphones and in-line push-to-talk.

BLUETOOTH® WIRELESS FOR PORTABLE AND MOBILE RADIOS Unleash the power of your MOTOTRBO radio without wires getting in the way. Our extensive suite of Bluetooth accessories free you to take the radio off your belt, leave your truck or step away from your desk (up to 30 feet away) and stay connected. Choose from a variety of earpieces, heavy duty wireless headsets and push-to-talk solutions that let you move without constraints around the workplace.

BATTERIES AND CHARGERS MOTOTRBO batteries are developed, tested and certified for optimal performance with your MOTOTRBO radios and they outperform other brands of batteries. IMPRES batteries can be charged 150 additional times versus a standard battery – a 43% increase in charge cycles. IMPRES Over the Air Battery Management automatically collects battery information over the air while radios are in use, making battery management easier than ever.

REMOTE SPEAKER MICROPHONES Communicate clearly in loud workplaces. MOTOTRBO remote speaker microphones (RSM) have exclusive audio features for windy outdoor environments windporting) and noisy environments (noise-canceling). IMPRES audio ensures your voice is heard clearer and louder regardless of how you speak. The INC RSM suppresses extreme noise (high decibel equipment, heavy machinery) so you can be heard above all.

MOBILE RADIO MICROPHONES Choose microphones designed to keep workers safely connected on the move. Keypad microphones let you easily navigate menus on your radios, dial phone numbers and send text messages. The Long Range Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) allows you to stay in touch even on remote job sites when you depend on your mobile radio but have to work outside your vehicle. It pairs instantly to the mobile microphone with Bluetooth gateway.

CARRY SOLUTIONS Carrying cases are available in sizes designed to fit your radio and battery and permit audio to be heard clearly. Our carry accessories keep your hands free, so you can concentrate on the task at hand. Choose from a wide range of nylon cases, leather cases, straps, holsters and clips, all designed to keep your radio protected, yet still easy to access.

INSTALLATION AND MOUNTING KITS Mounting kits give you the flexibility to mount the radio under or in your dashboard, between seats or on the floor. Remote mount kits allow you to mount the radio in the truck when dash space is limited.

MOTOTRBO APPLICATIONS With a wide range of applications and an expert application partners program, MOTOTRBO offers custom solutions that truly meet your business needs. Business-specific applications like these increase the level of efficiency, safety and productivity throughout your enterprise.

COMMAND AND CONTROL These applications work behind the scenes of your MOTOTRBO network to enhance the efficiency of your system. Interfacing to a Work Order Ticketing system, managing alarms and telemetry, and connecting to other messaging systems, they bring significant benefits to your business.

VOICE DISPATCH Giving you centralized control of your workforce, these applications offer customizable user interfaces to allow your dispatcher to coordinate your staff efficiently and effectively. They also enhance business connectivity by allowing telephony interconnections and multi-system patching.

PERSONNEL SAFETY Increase the safety and accountability of your staff by deploying these applications. Features such as Man Down and Lone Worker can be linked to indoor and outdoor location services for maximum effectiveness.

TEXT MESSAGING AND EMAIL Enhance productivity by connecting your radio network with your text and email system. Allow your staff to use advanced work order ticketing solutions, or simply streamline the flow of information between office and shop floor.

INTEROPERABILITY Connect your MOTOTRBO radio system to other communication systems. From analog two-way radio systems to SIP telephone networks to cellular providers, you can increase efficiency and increase collaboration.

LOCATION Track your vehicles and your staff for improved safety, security and accountability. These applications allow you to make the most of MOTOTRBO’s GPS capabilities, and some even offer indoor location tracking capabilities.

WORK TICKET MANAGEMENT These applications enhance efficiency and accountability in the workplace using text based issue management software. They can be integrated with your existing work-order management solution or can be operated as an independent system.

SYSTEM MONITORING To get the best from your MOTOTRBO system, you need to know how it’s performing. These applications give you a dashboard view of key metrics and parameters, with detailed logs helping you plan future growth and upgrades.

WAVE™ WORK GROUP COMMUNICATIONS With wireline integration to MOTOTRBO Connect Plus and Capacity Plus systems, WAVE Work Group Communications lets your mobile and office workers connect with simple, secure and affordable broadband push-to-talk (PTT), wherever they are.

ENABLE YOUR WORKFORCE TO CONNECT AND COLLABORATE Whatever the device or available network, WAVE has client applications that meet the needs of all types of users. Called WAVE Communicators, these applications provide the user interface to a WAVE communications system.

Define and manage your MOTOTRBO communications environment with WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator.

Give authorized PC users controlled access to MOTOTRBO communications channels with the WAVE Desktop Communicator.

With WAVE Web Communicator you can use a web browser to access your MOTOTRBO radio channels.

SERVICES Ensure and maintain the robust performance of your MOTOTRBO radios with a complete suite of services. We’ve got you covered, from pre-installation to post-implementation, with expert support to make sure your business runs without interruption, disruption or unplanned downtime.

RFID FLEET MANAGEMENT Install RFID tag-equipped volume knobs on your portable radios, for easy inventory management of your radios. You can use an RFID reader to check radios in and out quickly and efficiently, or to increase staff accountability.

NEED SOME HELP? If you need help navigating through the vast advances in communications technology, please contact us and we can help with a tailored solution to your specific needs.

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