Our Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk is one of the fastest and most accurate systems available. Our built-in, non-contact, high-precision German thermal imaging module is the solution built for today's requirements. Upon detection, you will instantly receive an email or SMS notification on one or many devices such as Desktops, Mobile Phone, or Two-Way Radio. For more advanced installations, options included turnstile control, door security, and advanced notifications.

    For more advanced installations, integration options include turnstile control, door security, remote notifications through a LAN.

    High-definition LCD display with operating temperatures of 4°F-122°F (0-90% humidity)

    Built-in, non-contact, high precision German thermal imaging module (Heimann Level D Medical Grade) with temperature detection range between 90°F-110°F and accuracy of ±0.5°F.

    Human body temperature detection, superimposed display, 100 ms fast identification

    Facial recognition, temperature check and face mask recognition allow for identity verification.

    Protective closure IP-65 - Dust and Water Proof

    Hardware interface options, integrated 100M Ethernet interface, audio interface, Wiegand interface, relay interface, TF card, USB and other interfaces.

    Speed: ~1 second per scan

    Plug & Play Power: Standard 10 ft Cable

    Download Excel Compatible Scan Reports

    Dimensions: 8.92" x 4.72" x 1.00"

    Recognition Height: 4-7.2 feet Distance: ~1.6 Ft. Face Angle: 30°

    FACE ++ deep learning algorithm, extremely reliable facial recognition and temperature detection

    Identification method: Near-infrared detection, embedded light AI facial recognition, adapts to most environments, subject can be in motion.

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