Tuesday, June 16, 2020

    CHARLOTTE, NC - Two Way Radio of Carolina introduces our new Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk. In this new era of concern for a safer environment for your employees, patrons and customers; we are announcing one of the fastest and most accurate systems available.

    Our first class product with thermal infrared sensors as well as face recognition technology allows your business to perform efficient, accurate temperature readings instantly. The system is non-contact for the customer and does not require any participation from an employee.

    Simply stand a few feet in front of the screen

    Instantly the screen will indicate the temperature.

    Color Display Threshold: Green=Pass Red=Fail

    High Temperature: Optional Alarm and Notifications via Email, SMS, and Two Way Radio

    The kiosk is plug and play, standalone system giving a modern, classy look to your environment. No need for an employee to awkwardly stand in front of a patron while pointing a handheld device at or on their forehead.

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